How everything works
House rules
  1. Check-in from 14:00 to 22:00. Check-out up to 12:00.
  2. Our house is located in the city center, in the private sector. This means that we have neighbors. Therefore, we cannot allow you loud parties, weddings and noisy birthdays. But quiet conversations at the barbecue, intimate songs with a guitar, cheerful children's hubbub – you are always welcome! Until 22:00.
  3. The house is wooden, it is impossible to achieve complete sound insulation in such houses. Please keep silence after 22:00 and do not make noise until 8 am.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to smoke cigarettes, hookahs and electronic cigarettes inside buildings. We made ashtrays for you near the BBQ zone. This is a reminder that the house is wooden. We will fine you if anything goes wrong. Well, that's at best.
  5. Due to the historical significance of our area, proximity to water and water intake zone, there is no central sewerage. The building is equipped with a local septic tank. In the toilets, please throw away paper, napkins, wet wipes, hygiene products and other garbage ONLY in the wastebasket! If inappropriate objects get into the sewer, the septic tank bacteria will not cope, and the pipes will become clogged. There will be not only a specific smell, but also problems of a different scale.
  6. In separate houses and a two-room Family Comfort room there are kitchens with an induction hob, a sink and necessary utensils for cooking. Mini-fridges and everything necessary for hot drinks are available to guests in other accommodation options. In the main building, only the staff can use the kitchen, but you can always ask to warm up the food.
  7. We are a guest house, so we do not provide hotel services (taxi booking, excursions, daily cleaning and some others). But we will always help and tell you what and where.
  8. With animals, you can only come to us in a House with a separate entrance. Please be sure to warn us if you want take your beloved pet with you. An additional fee and deposit will be required.
What to do in the house
  • Wi-FI
  • Books
  • Table games
  • Listen to a vinyl record player (by the way, we welcome new records!)
  • Watch TV, there is one in every room
Extras (conditions can be clarified by phone or upon arrival)
  • Hearty breakfasts from 9 to 11 am: tea / coffee, eggs with sausage or cheesecakes / pancakes (with sour cream and jam).
  • Barbecue until 22:00. There is a barbecue area on the territory, and tables can be placed nearby under a canopy or on the grass or a picnic area can be organized.
  • Parking: there is a small parking area in front of the house. You can also park your car outside our gates, but we immediately warn you that cars are parked "single file", and this may not be very convenient if you need an early departure or freedom of action.
  • Bicycles: we have 3 adult bicycles and 1 child bicycle (7-12 years old) for exciting trips around the city. We give out locks and keys for bicycles so that you can fasten them when you leave for a short excursion, for example, to a museum.
  • SUP boards: you can rent inflatable boards and everything you need for rafting on them on a river or lake.
Where to have lunch or dinner?

You can order delivery or go to some nice place. Not far from us:

  • «Visoko» 1a Rostovskaya str.,
    the guys make coffee and hamburgers, and they also have a chic view and a table tennis table.
  • «La Foret» 1a Rostovskaya str.,
    a little bit of the metropolitan vibes and French sweets.
  • «Pasta Pizza» 10 Sovetskaya str.
    excellent pasta and honest pizza from the oven, you can't go wrong!
  • «Montpassier» 10 Sovetskaya str.
    the most traditional place for lunches and dinners, there is a veranda with a view of the Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Saviour
  • «Peresville» is adjacent to "Montpassier", glows with welcome lights. Maria Koval's project.
  • «Herring Royal Pickling» 22 Kardovsky str.
    unique herring dishes according to the recipes of Peter the Great (and not only)
  • «Family Cafe» - 10A, Komitetskaya str.,
    a brand new cafe of European cuisine with a children's area

And there is also a Pyaterochka market right near the house.

Where to withdraw money?

There are other ATMs in the city, but the most popular are the ATMs of Sberbank (6 Krivokolenny per. 1 Sovetskaya str. 7 Rostovskaya str.)

How to get to us?

By bus.

From the Moscow bus station from "Shchelkovskaya" metro station or from "Severnye Vorota" bus station. Travel time is about 2 hours..

By car.

Pereslavl-Zalessky is located exactly in the middle of the way from Moscow to Yaroslavl (highway M8 "Kholmogory"), 130 km northeast of Moscow and 124 km southwest of Yaroslavl.

By train.

From Yaroslavsky railway station in Moscow to Berendeevo station. Travel time is 2-3 hours. We can help with ordering a taxi from the station, just let us know by phone.

What is not in the guest house
  1. Air conditioners. The rooms are equipped with batteries with regulators. You will definitely not be cold. And curtains and open windows will save you from the heat.
  2. Children's playground. The kids love the new wooden playground located not far from us. As well as entertainment centers in the district:
    • Flay Uley, Entertainment and Sports Center 16 "B" 50let Komsomola str.
    • "Jump" trampoline center (2 Mendeleeva str.)
    • "Oscar" Children's play maze (6 Mayakovskogo Str.)
    • "Victoria Plaza" Children's playroom
  3. Elevator. Our beautiful wooden and steep stairs will provide you with a good opportunity to move a little. If there are some difficulties with this, choose rooms on the first floor ("Pink Dawn" and "Red with parrots") or a separate HOUSE with 1 bedroom, bathroom and kitchen located on the first floor.
  4. Daily room cleaning. We clean up the garbage daily and do a complete cleaning of the rooms with a change of linen every 3 days of your stay.
Rules of accommodation for guests with pets
  • Accommodation with pets is only possible in River house.
  • Dogs weighing up to 10 kg and cats are allowed to stay. Please check with the hotel administration whether other types of pets can be accommodated.
  • The cost of placing an animal is 1000 rubles / day. The deposit (we return it if everything is in order) is 5,000 rubles.
  • Grab a mat or cage for the animal (which he or she likes more), dishes for food and a tray.
  • We would really like your pets to live with us for free. But after departure we do general cleaning with special treatment.
  • Feed pets only from their favorite dishes that you bring with you.
  • We ask you not to leave pets unattended in the room, lobby or on the territory of the guest house. For them, the new space is stressful, so the behavior is unpredictable.
  • Do not wash animals in the bathroom or shower cabin of the room and do not wipe them with towels, sheets and bed linen. Let the pets have everything they need to take care of themselves.
  • Walk your pets outside the hotel. So it always remains clean and beautiful for you and other guests.
We really hope that these points will not affect you, but it is necessary to know them:
  • We will ask you to additionally pay for damage to other guests or hotel staff and damage to the property of the hotel by animals, if this happens.
  • We will not be able to allow a pet to stay in our hotel if it behaves aggressively towards guests and hotel staff. In the comments to the booking, specify what kind of animal you have and how much it weighs, so that we are prepared!
Map of the territory
You will live in the very center of Pereslavl right on the banks of the Trubezh River. It remains to decide: a room or a whole house?
If you plan to relax with a small company, or so that everyone has their own personal space, and no one interferes with anyone. Two floors, 4 beds, a kitchen with an induction hob and two bathrooms. The American dream in the Russian embodiment.
7 rooms, each with its own vibes and a separate bathroom. The receptionist is nearby to solve the issue of any complexity.
On the first floor there is a spacious bright kitchen with a dining area and a bathroom. On the second floor there is a bedroom and a recreation room. 5 beds for friends.